Special projects

With design requirements input from this clients engineering team, We developed a functional concept prototype of a hydraulic integrated circuit (manifold) to steer a ship from a GPS signal.

Our prototype manifold was the only entry to surpass the four step testing procedure requirements.

By optimizing the manufacturing, assemble and testing procedures in the early design stage we assisted the client in bring a functional, manufacturable product to market as scheduled.

We worked with a long time client in the early design generation stage then provided a functional concept prototype that tripled the hourly production cycle rate using a 40hp motor instead of the 100hp used by their competitors offering energy savings and significantly improved reliability.

The client was also able to expand into other bagging opportunities globally.

We supported their efforts by manufacturing numerous hydraulic power unit (HPU) models and variations.

KALG kitting and sub-assemblies kept the client’s customers running suppling HPU’s, pumps, hydraulic motors, manifolds, valves, cylinders, filters, hoses and fittings.

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