Kitting and sub-assemblies

Our 40+ years of hydraulic circuit design and insightful component selection combined with KALG’s machining and fabrication abilities enable us to produce exceptional kitting and sub-assembly packages that excel in your application.

Improve efficiency with assemblies from KALG


  • Simplified assembly – Minimalize required connections while shortening assembly times and reducing errors.

  • Single part number – Eliminates tracking dozens of different items to purchase and assemble.

  • OEM applications – Faster production time and lower labor costs by pre-assembling components.

  • MRO applications – Reduced down-time for maintenance, decreasing assembly time and increasing serviceability.

  • Total procurement cost (TPC) – Reduce TPC and simplify invoicing to improve cash flow.

  • Lower overhead – Reduce inventory and its complexity. Better utilize workspace while shortening receiving time.

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